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From the Pen of Jamie Radtke, Virginia Republican Primary Candidate for U.S. Senate

January 25, 2011

In 2010, Jamie Radtke wrote three articles, two for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and one for Big Government. Each of them serves as a small window to her Tea Party politics. I have quoted a paragraph from each and encourage you to read each one if only to get the flavor of her passion for our great country.

Some have suggested that the Tea Party is a “right-wing” organization. This is an interesting assertion since the Tea Party movement is fundamentally about four things: Constitutional adherence, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. Is the Tea Party “right wing”? Well, were the Founding Fathers “right wing”? Is the Constitution “right wing”?

via Tea Party: Right Wing or Mainstream? | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

It is nonsensical that Congress, with its voracious appetite for spending (and a $13 trillion debt to prove it), insists it knows best how citizens’ money should be spent by the states. So what we have is a federal government with no balanced-budget constraint telling states with balanced-budget requirements how to spend wisely.

via Give the States a Veto | Richmond Times-Dispatch.

For nearly two years, the tea parties have warned the Ruling Class there would be serious consequences to ignoring the will of the people, and that day finally arrived

via » The GOP Is on Probation – Big Government.

Jamie Radtke, Virginia Republican Primary Candidate for U.S. Senate

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