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Apology of the Day – Juan Should Not

October 21, 2010

This post is an official “NON-Apology of the Day” and boy is it nice to say that!

So Juan Williams got canned by NPR for saying he gets a little uncomfortable on a plane when there are people in full Muslim attire aboard. Allright!  Yea! Whoopty -Do! and You Go Guy!   Needless to say, he said out loud what most Americans would think and feel in that same situation (and in my opinion, rightfully so after the horror of 9/11).

Although Mr. Williams and I have many differing points of view, he’s an honest, plain-spoken American who has not, should not, and better not apologize to NPR.   Maybe the next Apology of the Day for this blog will be NPR groveling to Juan Williams (wishful thinking).

The backlash is looming for NPR and the leftie PC-er’s. . . . I say “Bring it on.”


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