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Liberal Gets Obama Style Paycheck

October 12, 2010

This is a great story. It’s too bad that this kid probably will forget the lesson soon. Would love to see a follow-up  in a few years. 🙂

“I just think that there are too many people with too much money” he said.

Anxious to see and spend his first paycheck, the employee opened the envelope.  His smile quickly turned to a saddened frown.  He quietly walked over to the boss.  “Sir, I thought that you said I would be making $10 an hour, right?”

“Your gross would’ve been $300, but I figured that you live at home with your parents, so you don’t need rent money.  Your mom has a garden, so you don’t need food money.  When you’re working, we drive in the work van, so you don’t need any gas money.  You got me to thinking this week about the Obama plan to redistribute wealth.  I thought I would put it to work here in my little business.”

read the entire short story American Thinker Blog: A Lesson in Liberal Finance.


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