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Obama-Clinton ticket ‘on the table,’ Woodward says. I Say Why Wait?

October 5, 2010

If Obama thinks that having Hillary as V.P. will make a difference for him, then he’s crazy not to do it right now. Why wait? Imagine the boost to the Dems in this 2010 mid-term election if Biden stepped aside for Hillary. True “Hope & Change” – wouldn’t more Dem voters turn out and perhaps save the day?

(CNN) – Some called a Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton pairing the “Dream Ticket” in 2008. It didn’t happen.

But what about 2012?

“It’s on the table,” veteran Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward told CNN’s John King in an interview Tuesday on John King, USA. “Some of Hillary Clinton’s advisers see it as a real possibility in 2012.”

via TRENDING: Obama-Clinton ticket ‘on the table,’ Woodward says – CNN Political Ticker – Blogs.


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