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Rahm Emanuel not a legal resident of Chicago, can’t run for Mayor?

October 4, 2010

I don’t intend to follow, in this blog, Rahm Emanuel as he greases the Chicago Machine on his path to the Mayor’s office, but this question about residency has been flying around since the very first time Emanuel made a comment about a desire to be Chicago Mayor.

Join me now as we start another great adventure in Democrat/Chicago politics. How fast will residency laws be changed or waved for Rahm Emanuel? What other choice is there? I predict a court challenge based upon him being forced to live in the D.C. area in order to serve the almighty leader. This could be interesting.

BY ABDON M. PALLASCH Political Reporter – The Chicago Sun-Times

The first question isn’t: Can Rahm win? It’s: Can Rahm run?

Sunday, Rahm Emanuel announced in a video posted on a website that he is preparing to run for mayor of Chicago. But two of Chicago’s top election lawyers say the state’s municipal code is crystal clear that a candidate for mayor must reside in the town for a year before the election.

That doesn’t mean they must simply own a home in the city that they rent out to someone else. They must have a place they can walk into, keep a toothbrush, hang up their jacket and occasionally sleep, the lawyers say.

via Experts say Rahm Emanuel not a legal resident of city :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Election 2010.


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