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Postal Rate Increase Denied – Let’s Get Real!

October 3, 2010

Nice to see somebody is watching, but this denied increase is more likely a postponement. I can’t remember a time in my 63 years that the USPS ran in the black. It would be nice to see some control exerted over this group of taxpayer funded bloodsuckers, but I’m sure I’ll be dead by then. Can you say “Unions?”

The latest request for a boost in postal rates has been denied by the commission that monitors and controls rates. Similar to many governmental agencies, the payroll is bloated by high salaries and benefit packages that seem fixed in stone. Powerful unions and a vast labor force of voters have helped hold us hostage to their demands. But the practices that have helped to create this fiscal crisis are even worse than we thought.

via American Thinker Blog: Sending a message to the Postal Service.

With a bigger hike postponed (for the moment), the Postal Service is expected to move forward with a far smaller cost of living increase, as well as the closure of some post offices and a possible switch to five-day delivery. Some of these changes will require Congressional approval, however. Congress, which requires the Postal Service to be self sufficient, bars the Postal Service from closing unneeded post offices.

via Postal rate hike rejected, but other changes likely to come.


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