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Apology of the Day

October 2, 2010

How pathetic can you get? Maybe a few more people should call the President of Guatemala. – – I have no problem with an apology in this situation, but for the Dems to carry this out as they have is another example of the U.S. apologizing to the world for history. Different times, different cultures, and what the heck are all of these apologies going fix, anyway?

US apologizes for ’40s syphilis study in Guatemala

WASHINGTON (AP) – American scientists deliberately infected prisoners and patients in a mental hospital in Guatemala with syphilis 60 years ago, a recently unearthed experiment that prompted U.S. officials to apologize Friday and declare outrage over “such reprehensible research.”

. . .

President Barack Obama called Guatemala’s president, Alvaro Colom, later Friday to apologize. Clinton had called to apologize the night before.

via My Way News – US apologizes for ’40s syphilis study in Guatemala by Lauren Neergaard


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