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Tea Party Organization – It Works

September 24, 2010

Not so much a secret, but a concept of organization that has strength, durability and power. That concept is the Distributed Network. Is there any wonder that it is the basis for the Internet aka the World Wide Web? And the Tea Parties? And the Borg? 🙂

Here is an excellent column about the distributed network called the TEA Parties.

American politics has never seen anything quite like the Tea Parties, though few appreciate the revolutionary organizational principle powering the movement. A major reason why the Tea Parties have been so successful, why the political establishment has found them so difficult to combat (and one that explains, among other things, why I’ve chosen to use the plural in referring to them), lies in their organization.

By J.R. Dunn via American Thinker: The Organizational Secret of the Tea Parties.


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