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No Laughing Matter

September 24, 2010

Just had to comment once again on our President – this time regarding his recent town hall meeting.  So here goes…

What had my jaw dropping was when the now famous Velma Hart remarked to Mr. Obama regarding her life situation and the camera panned (as is often does) to his esthetically pleasing but annoying broad smile. A smile on the verge of a laugh was not exactly the expression we should have seen on the face of an empathetic leader at that moment. Ms. Hart was dead serious and there he was with that grin? Okay, I know many Americans have it worse than her family, but a look of joviality as a first response showed a TOTAL lack of comprehension of how his policies have affected the country. Unbelievable, AND unacceptable.

November is coming soon – grins and laughs will then be in good order.


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