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This Blog’s Page Layout Theme Ever-Changing?

September 8, 2010

Well, yes. When you have lots of toys, why not use them? But that’s not what this is all about. Judy and I have been exploring the theme database at WordPress, looking for the right combination of features.

One feature missing till now is the name of the author somewhere in each post so that we don’t have to do things like plop -KRR- at the bottom.¬†Another feature I like is for the readers. I do not believe that most of the world is still looking at very low resolution screens. I do not believe that we should have to cater only to skinny web pages, so a Flexible Width option is desirable. If you fully maximize your browser, this blog will try to stay with you.

The next challenge is to tackle some font colors. For the moment we’re stuck with a few shades of blue. When I get the ambition, I’ll experiment.

So, there ya go. No big news, smart remarks or goofy cartoons today . . . yet. Thanks for stopping by – TTYL


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