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“Recalibrate His Message?”

August 31, 2010

This past Monday morning after turning on my television, I heard Major Garrett of the Fox News Channel say, “the President will have to recalibrate his message to the American people.”  Oh goody, another appearance by Obama and another mouthful of BS.  This time, the rhetoric will be about our pathetic economy and I just can’t wait to hear it.  Recalibrate . . . hmm.

Okay, speech over – he’s done and wow, what a short one.  He must have set a record this time!  Uh huh, his administration is “pushing this economy forward.” Please!  Pushing it forward into oblivion?  Cutting taxes was mentioned a lot, mostly regarding small business.  I guess that trying to convince us he’s a tax-cutter now is the “recalibration.” Oh, and by the way, his administration is also looking at “additional measures” to get the economy going.  I’m sure this means more government spending – additional measures should be to JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY.


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