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No Liberal Bias in Classroom?

August 30, 2010

This one speaks for itself, and me. The entire article is well worth your time.

We know from the global warming debate that liberals do not like the peer review process. Perhaps that is why these sociologists kept everything except the study’s findings completely secret. They did not include the questions that were asked of these 70 mystery students, nor did they cite any dissenting opinion. This is the junkiest of junk science.

Students going back to school, be warned: There are those who are trying to silence you by any means necessary. This unreleased scientific “study” is just the most recent attempt. When you are graded poorly because of your conservative views, or publicly mocked by your liberal professors, have it documented, because apparently, some people simply do not believe it is happening. Prove them wrong.

via Study Finds No Liberal Bias in Classroom – HUMAN EVENTS.



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