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The Green Industrial Complex

August 27, 2010

Haven’t we all seen this developing? TARP money, and that from other tax-payer-funded slush funds, loves to gravitate toward the “green” industries, if not to get them off the ground, then to further manufacturing/development efforts. And, as always, these actions “saves jobs” – uh, oh yeah, I mean they “touch our lives.”

I am somewhat befuddled by the title of this piece in The Daily Caller. Aren’t lobbyists supposed to profit from their efforts? Isn’t that the point? Yes, but it isn’t the point of the article, is it. (OK, so I’m a little grumpy today.)

In 1961, President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the country of what he called the “military-industrial complex,” a reference to the growing relationship between the military industry in the private sector and the federal government. Today, there is another industrial complex taking shape. Only this time, the president is not warning anyone about it – he’s actually directly involved in its growth.

One may call it the “green industrial complex.”

via Obama’s green initiatives lobbied for by the same people who profit from them | The Daily Caller


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