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In The Middle of the Night

August 26, 2010

Coming from Israel, the timing of this info is not unusual, but don’t you wonder why we aren’t hearing this from a U.S. medium source? I haven’t seen it and neither has Google, apparently. Frankly, I’m surprised that Israel hasn’t already taken some action. -KRR-

Obama weighs offer of US nuclear umbrella if Israel scraps Iran strike

DEBKAfile logoDEBKAfile reports Israel has revived its military option against Iran Рespecially since Iran activated its first nuclear reactor at Bushehr on Aug. 21, thereby placing the Obama administration under enormous pressure. On top of the dire predictions of catastrophe planted on various US op-ed pages, Obama this week sent two big guns to Jerusalem to try and check an Israel attack. A guaranteed US nuclear umbrella, nuclear attack submarines for the IDF and NATO membership may be on offer.


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