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Clinton – Climate Change – Pakistan Floods – D.C. Infection

August 21, 2010

UpdateJohn Kerry: “Very active” efforts underway to reach settlement with Taliban. Another long-term infection of the Biden class. And this one’s fun – it came from HotAir!

This woman wants to be the President of the United States? Someone check the money transfers from Gore to Clinton. I’ve been wondering why ol’ Al has been so quiet.

The good news is that the infection which seems to have permeated through at least 30% of the Washington D.C. politicians is now spreading among those in the highest echelon. You see, V.P. Biden has been permanently infected for years, Imam Obama (h/t Rush Limbaugh) was smacked upside the head at his inauguration and now with H. Clinton babbling on about disproven “science,” nearly the entire administration is in desperate need of some of that fine Obamacare. Too bad it doesn’t kick in until 2014 while the next presidential election is in 2012. Yep, good news for the country!

This November, it will be very enjoyable, to put it mildly, to watch a lot of cancer get surgically removed from the “Loop” and replaced with some healthy grafts. All we’ll have to do then is make sure all of them can see the treatment alternatives.

Treatment to be repeated every two years. Good luck, Mrs. Clinton. Got any law firms lined up yet?


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