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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Sounds Off with Sound Logic

August 16, 2010

Gov. Chris Christie

First, it makes my brain ache to see that Christie’s short speech suffers from numerous grammatical errors and lousy transcription. I checked several sources and found that all had exactly the same speech/transcript.

Plowing past that, it’s good to see one of America’s top right-minded leaders, one who does more than speak, coming forward regarding the mosque and all the political pronouncements. In addition to his point that the topic has become a political football, what he says and how he says it demonstrates how far off the mark Obama was last Friday.

Most pundits agree that Christie chose not to choose sides, but a good reader will see more than that. He is essentially against the big pols using the topic to garner attention and, hopefully, political favor. I believe he’s right. There are plenty of local groups in New York City and across the nation bringing the pressure to bear. All Obama did was demonstrate once again how far out of touch he is with the country, and his lack of comprehension of the issue.

Transcription – one of the jobs on my Top Ten Least Wanted list.


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