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Governor Janice K. Brewer, American Patriot

August 1, 2010

With all the news recently concerning the Arizona Immigration Law, I became curious about Governor Jan Brewer and did a little bio “googling.”

Jan Brewer

What I found is that she’s been in public service in Arizona for over 27 years.  State Rep, State Senator, Chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Secretary of State are among her credentials.  In all posts, she worked to benefit the taxpayers, cut waste and streamline government. Sounds like a sensible conservative to me….and one to whom I could give my full support.

Now, in attempting to do the right thing for the people of her state, she’s embroiled in an immigration battle where her mettle will most definitely be tested.  I believe she’ll pass that test with high-flying, red, white and blue colors.

Godspeed and full speed ahead Governor Brewer!


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