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Global Warming Combat; Oil Slicks; Earthquakes

July 30, 2010

• I just paid my electric bill – global warming combat fees. (I don’t really believe it’s global warming, or even climate change, but it sounds cool.) My through-the-wall A/C unit has labored almost non-stop for the last two weeks. That bill was twice normal and didn’t even include last week – OUCH! But why tell you since the entire country has suffered along, not to mention Europe and East Asia? In ’09, I had only four days of A/C usage. It was the most perfect summer I can remember in Wisconsin, so I’m trying to keep things in perspective.

• This past week I haven’t seen any oily pelicans on TV, only oily BP execs and D.C. politicians. Vessels on the Gulf of Mexico are chasing all over for non-existent oil slicks. They would have better luck cruising the Potomac River.

• I just received an email about an earthquake in Iran. It makes me wonder how the masses are doing over there in that news-bound country of insane leadership. Ahmadinejad make Obama look real good.


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