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Brewer Seeks Dismissal – Updated 7/28

July 27, 2010
UPDATE: I and many conservatives were waiting for the ruling, hoping some common sense would creep into the federal court system, but no, not a chance. Now it appears almost certain that this case will end up in the Supreme Court. Well, good, but now we have another long wait and all thanks to Liberal super-spin that claims, among other lies, that a Mexican-looking man can be yanked out of his yard and falsely arrested under SB 1070. Good grief! It’s clear to me that the details of the law are being ignored, replaced by outright lies only to create unjustified and grossly inaccurate opposition. Judge Susan Bolton wasn’t struck with a sudden urge to do the right thing – she did the Left thing.

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer appears to be hoping for a wrap-up of what’s probably only the first attack by the Obama administration on SB 1070, the law about to go into effect in her state that is designed to help cut down on illegal immigration, not so much for migrant farm workers, but to reduce crime, especially in the Phoenix area. Brewer says that the suit is based on mere speculation.

Frankly, I’m surprised that a ruling is so long in coming. Come on, Judge! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Brewer seeks dismissal of feds’ challenge to law


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